These days, getting your degree or diploma is only the beginning of a bigger challenge. South Africa is facing one of its highest unemployment rates of all time and youth seems to be the majority  of these statistics. Many people are losing their jobs and the rate of unemployed graduates is alarmingly increasing. How can you prepare yourself for work opportunities while you are studying for the career of your choice. We give you these insightful tips for work readiness:


  • Communicate - One of the most important deciding factors for finding jobs is communication. Learn to communicate with people who are already doing the work you are studying for, get close to them and find out how they prepared themselves for the job and what is required to be the best candidate for that particular job. They already have experience for that position so they will ease your learning curve.
  • Volunteer - Volunteering is one of the best ways to build your skill and get some experience. Many jobs today require a bit of experience and many people wonder how a job can require experience but be looking to hire someone who has just gotten out of varsity. Well, the answer volunteering. Employers are looking for someone with initiative, someone who has actively participated in something as opposed to someone who has not done anything practical. And make sure that you volunteer in causes that are in some way related to your career of choice.
  • Part-time jobs - Working part-time not only generates you some extra income but it also gives you some experience and makes you employable. Like volunteering does, you also have to look for general part-time work in-line with your career of choice.
  • Attend events, expos and workshops - Look for events related to your career choice around you. Companies sometimes host expos and workshops to educate and empower the public about their services and products, attend these to expand your knowledge. Not only will you get valuable information about your career choice but you will also get to meet people who have the same goal as you.
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities - Taking part in extra-curricular activities will help you in developing some of the abilities and skills that might come in handy when you are looking for employment. Things like communication and fitness can be earned through extra-curricular activities. Look out for these at your college or university and just get involved in those that interest you.