The importance of resting

As much as you want to get as much work done as possible when studying, it is equally as important to take some time off and rest. According to studies you actually get a lot more done when you give yourself some time to rest than when you get too focused on work alone.

We talked to some students and they told us what they do to keep their mind off work and relax a bit. These are among the things they pointed out to us.

1. Taking walks - Taking a walk not only is good for your body but it also refreshes your mind too. Go out to the park and have a 30 minutes walk or just visit a friend who lives a bit far from where you live, this will help you get to experience people and see the world which will refresh your mind.

2. Read a book - I know... ounds weird, right? But people don't understand the difference between reading and studying. Get yourself a fictionous book, a story novel or visit Compuboks to get yourself a motivational/inspirational book. Not only do books positively distract you but they widen your understanding and exercise your brain. Get "Becoming: Michelle Obama" by Michelle Obama herself or "I tweet what I like" by Jackie Phamotse at discounted prices.

3. Paly a game - Yes, games can help you get your mind rested and refreshed. Whether it's a video game or a board game, games are a great way to relax and I personally like them because they help you think creatively and strategically. Video games are good to play on your own and you can play board games with family and/or friends which also helps with resting your mind.

4. Get involved in conversations - You have friends, when you feel like work is getting overwhelming, visit a friend and have a chat or get in contact with a family member or classmate and just talk about things that interest you apart from school work.

5. Watch TV - We have been told that TV is a time waster but it can actually be a good tool to relax your mind. When you watch TV mind your time, don't spend too much time on it. Watch programmes or movies that will stimulate your thinking.