Whether it's to buy necessary items like textbooks and stationery or buying something nice for yourself, students are faced with a problem of not having enough money for their needs and wants. Though the government has made provisions in terms of the NSFAS, the money is still not enough to cover an average student's lifestyle and needs.


I have compiled some opportunities that a student can take advantage of to earn some extra income without having to compromise their time for studying. These are not just income opportunities but can also help a lot with job experience. With all being said, only a proper understanding of personal finance will make you able to manage your money efficiently and be able to afford all your needs and wants while growing a healthy savings pocket. Get yourself a book titled "Manage Your Money Like A F*cking Grown Up" by Sam Beckbessinger and start your financial education journey.


Here are the few things you can do to get some extra income.


  1. Sell a product - This is the most obvious one. Universities are some of the largest communities in the country and any community is a market for a particular product. Find a product that might be useful to your fellow students and is not available at campus. Save up and buy your first batch of stock, it doesn't have to be much because you will be testing the market anyway. Make sure that your side business doesn’t interfere with your time.
  2. Provide a service - There are students who have some money and are not always around to keep their things in order, that's where you come in. Offer your services and have them pay you for it. There are a variety of services you can offer like cleaning rooms and doing washing.
  3. Teach part-time - There are many tutoring opportunities. You can tutor first year students or get a group of high school kids to tutor. What I love with tutoring is that it doesn’t need a lot of time from you and you don't need a lot of equipment to do it.
  4. Take paid surveys - There is a lot of extra income opportunities to find online and paid surveys are the best of them. Take surveys and get paid doing it. Like anything else, there is a lot of fake sites and companies trying to use people but if you look carefully and do your follow up, you can get very good paying ones.
  5. Freelance writing - There are many organizations that are looking for content producers for marketing. If you have knowledge on a particular field or topic, you can check out companies that specialize in that field online and make yourself some extra cash.