The student life is a very sophisticated and many times stressful one. Though there are some resources to help with the daily hassle and bustle of campus life, at Compubooks we feel like there is not quite enough. This blog is started to help you deal with some of the problems you face on campus on a daily basis and provide you with opportunities and resources to help you advance yourself not only academically but personally, too.

Welcome to Students Daily, a blog for students around South Africa. Please stick around for news, great deals, motivation, inspiration, mental health and more useful content to make your lifestyle as a student an easier one. We will also be including you on a continuous basis with your personal stories, news and anything that you have to offer a fellow student. So whether you are from UP, UJ, TUT, DUT, TNC or any institution of higher learning, gather around. We are about to empower, engage and entertain you.

My name is Elias Thokozani Magamba, together with Compubooks, we are about to help you carry the load of being a student. Tune in tomorrow for our very first exciting topic about the importance of mental health as a student. Thank you. :)